Task Force

Taking into consideration the nature and the 600 Years Celebrations and with the purpose of emphasizing the role played by Madeira in the history of the Portuguese Maritime expansion, as well as the promotion of the archipelago’s material and immaterial patrimony, the Regional Government has created a Mission Structure, directly dependent of the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture, with the purpose of planning, coordinating, approving and overseeing the execution of all initiatives included in the Official Program.

na dependência direta da Secretária Regional do Turismo e Cultura

Among other activities that are planned we can mention exhibits, congresses, concerts, theme shows and the re-edition of books that are related to the overall theme of the 600 Years Celebrations. 


In parallel, are also planned prominent interventions in public areas, including of the urban, cultural and artistic kind, as well as the holding of festivities of popular nature, the emission of stamps, commemorative medals and coins and actions that involve the contribution of all the community, including institutions of learning. 


The materialization of this strategy will be supported by a specifi budget, made up of financial contributions of the Regional Board of Tourism and Culture for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.


The Task Force is composed by: