Consulting Council



The Consulting Council is formed by a president and twenty one members (including representatives from the Legislative Assembly, the University of Madeira, Regional Secretaries and Local Councils) that have the mission of accompanying and counseling the activities developed by the Executive Commission, as well as issuing advice on all the questions posed by it, assuring the historical accuracy and adequate contextualization of the commemorative program.


The president of the Consulting Council ought to be a person of acknowledgeable merit is the areas of History or Culture, and has the responsibility of coordinating the group.  



José Sílvio M. Fernandes, University of Madeira



Raquel de Vasconcelos Drummond Borges França, Vice-Presidency of the Regional Government

Tiago Freitas, Regional Bureau of Equipments and Infrastructures

Luísa Maria Gouveia, Regional Bureau of the Environment and Natural Resources

Sara Relvas, Regional Bureau of Education

Cecília do Rosário Faria Aguiar, Regional Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries

Mariana Luísa de Aragão Gouveia Bettencourt, Regional Bureau of Inclusion and Social Affairs

Mário Rodrigues, Reagional Bureau of Health

Bruno Pereira, Regional Bureau of Tourism and Culture

Luísa M. Antunes Paolinelli, Municipality of Funchal

Nelson Veríssimo, Municipality of Santa Cruz

Isabel Gouveia, Municipality of Machico

Regina Gomes Ribeiro, Municipality of Santana

Rosa Castanho, Municipality of St. Vicente

Nélio Sequeira, Municipality of Porto Moniz

Doroteia A. da Silva Leça Pereira, Municipality of Calheta

José Carlos Varela, Municipality of Ponta de Sol

Paulo David Jesus Canha Jardim, Municipality of Ribeira Brava

Leonel Silva, Municipality of Câmara de Lobos

Élvio Sousa, Municipality of Porto Santo

Maria de Fátima Marques, Legislative Assembly of Madeira