15 JULY 2018

Regional Circuit of Traditional Canoes

The Regional Canoeing Association (Associação Regional de Canoagem) continues the Regional Circuit of Traditional Canoes on the second fortnight of July.

The Regional Circuit of Canoas Tradicional, an event organized by the Regional Association of Canoeing (Associação Regional de Canoagem), and supported by the Regional Secretariat of Tourism under the scope of the Commemorations of the 600 Years of Discovery of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, includes four regattas, namely in Paul do Mar (30 June), Funchal (15 July), Madalena do Mar (22nd July) and Porto Moniz (29th July).

Together, these regattas aim to remember and revive historical traditions of Madeira, specifically those associated with the sea and fishing communities. In addition to this, they are designed to stimulate the taste for the sea, to offer sports-cultural spectacles that attract the interest of visitors, boost local economy and stimulate the maintenance of traditional fishing canoes, a cultural heritage of our Region.